Today we share another best practice: the incredible Zero-Waste Beach in Cyprus, organised by ΑΚΤΗ / AKTI Project and Research Centre together with Coca-Cola: a great example of our fight against marine pollution caused by plastics!
The movement included these actions:
1️⃣ On-the-go-recycling: Recycling bins installed along coastal walkways and public spaces.
2️⃣ Annual beach cleanups with volunteers, schools, and local businesses.
3️⃣ Check out the ‘Decalogue’ brochure for tips to reduce marine plastic pollution.
20,000 litter items, 2 tons of waste, and 35.2 tons of recyclables were collected during cleanups.
What can you do now to make a change:
– 🌱 Reduce single-use plastics
– ♻️ Reuse whenever possible
– ♽ Recycle responsibly
– 🌿 Make green purchases
– 🙌 Volunteer and stay alert for opportunities!
Cyprus boasts stunning beaches, making volunteering a sun-soaked adventure.
Remember, our oceans are home to precious life. Let’s keep them clean and ‘blue’ for everyone to enjoy.