We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our Training Activity, where youth workers from Poland 🇵🇱, Greece 🇬🇷, and Cyprus 🇨🇾 and came together to be trained on leading zero-waste workshops.

✨ Day 2 & 3 Highlights

  • Interactive Training Sessions: Our participants engaged in hands-on workshops, learning practical zero-waste techniques such as composting, upcycling, and sustainable living practices.
  • Collaborative Projects: Participants visited the church’s Elderly House, where they donated “ugly vegetables” and prepared a local recipe for the residents. This experience highlighted the importance of minimizing food waste and fostering community connections.
  • Cultural Exchange: The LTTA also facilitated a rich cultural exchange, fostering international friendships and a shared commitment to sustainability.

🌟 This LTTA marks the beginning of a larger movement towards a zero-waste future. Our trained youth workers are now empowered with the skills and knowledge to inspire and educate others, creating ripple effects of positive environmental impact across Europe.