Project number:  2021-2-TR01-KA210-SCH-000050221
Implementation period:  01/10/2022 το 31/08/2023

  • Project description:

    Education provides opportunities to develop lifelong competencies and personal values in both teachers and students. In our partnership, which consists of 5 stakeholders, each with specific competencies and planned project activities, a team that complements and trains each other at an international level has been established to face future challenges.

    Digital Music making project, targets partners’ 21st century skills; creativity, academic grounding, social and emotional learning, digital note reading and writing skills and besides, academic, social and emotional development.
    Our support activities have also started with the “Digital Music for Social-Emotional Learning and Creativity” e-Twinning project.

    The starting point of the Digital Music (DM) project is to make sense of the world with notes and to reflect the world as it is and as it can be, with digital sounds. Our idea is to succeed and find a brighter future by doing and learning together.

  • Goals:

    The transnational aspect of this project is to develop basic literacy through learning activities, support creativity and creative thinking and also serve arts skills. At the same time, DM will create opportunities for disadvantaged students.

    Elimination of disadvantages by using ICT skills is also among the goals. Also, since peer learning will be possible, good practices and experiences will be shared.

    In addition to these, the intercultural competences of the participants, European Citizenship awareness and cultural understanding will also work together, and language skills will naturally develop.

    The project objectives will be achieved through national and international events where participants will work in transnational teams.

    These activities are: logo contest, e-waste collection campaign, poster workshops, music editing script, story with sheet music, short film, online festival.

    The above skills will be achieved through activities such as, project exhibitions, walks, website design etc.

    Our main aim is to serve the priorities of the Erasmus+ program by addressing a universal theme with our digital music work.

  • Results:

    The project will create educational environments where the project members will learn empathy, humanity and compassion, as well as interactive and multimedia technologies at various levels, by combining digital music with collaborative work, and online teaching/learning activities on an emotional and social level. The DM will cover the skills mentioned in all six countries and include online, It will also support ICT skills with ICT remotely or face-to-face. The DM will include processes where participants perform tasks such as searching for information, writing music scripts, communicating with notes, performing and evaluating. The main purpose here is to share the harmony of digital sounds. DM provides effective application examples by integrating digital music stories into different topics.
    It will also provide an e-book output for the processes aiming to create, design, develop and prepare.

  • Partners:

    • Asociación de Graduados e Ingenieros Técnicos de Telecomunicación de Extremadura – Spain
    • Osnovna skola Vrgorac – Croatia
    • Irfanli Anadolu Lisesi – Turkey