Project number:  2022-3-PL01-KA210-YOU-000095329
Implementation period: 01/04/2023 to 01/04/2025

  • Project description:

    The transition to a Circular Economy(CE) is gaining popularity as a social solution to environmental challenges and the achievement of a more sustainable global development (D’Amato, 2021). However, the transition to a CE is still at an early stage and there is a long way to go to achieve the EU’s goal of a CE’s full adoption (Donner and de Vries, 2020). The EU is attempting to give CE a significant boost in the coming years through the Circular Economy Action Plan, thereby contributing to the creation of a zero-waste lifestyle. The CE seeks to lengthen the product life cycle and minimize waste. Therefore, it emphasizes sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing resources and goods for as long as possible.

    In this context, three organizations from three EU countries working in the fields of environmental education and active citizenship formed the InAction partnership and joined forces to bring positive change to their community.

  • Goals:

    The main project objective, which is to promote CE practices, a zero-waste lifestyle and active citizenship, is strongly related to the priority of environmental protection and climate change mitigation. In addition, InAction promotes active citizenship and strengthens young people’s sense of initiative by encouraging them to come up with greener and more sustainable solutions, instilling a new approach to consumption and use of products, and by adopting a zero-waste lifestyle through non-formal learning opportunities.

  • Partners:

    • STANDO LTD – Cyprus

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