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InFo is an educational organization composed of active teachers and educators, dedicated to advancing teacher development, inclusivity, and sustainable education. InFo has a significant impact, reaching a substantial learner base of 300 individuals. The organization’s strength lies in its 40 active members, comprising educators and teachers who passionately contribute to the advancement of education.

InFo envisions a future where education becomes a transformative force, empowering individuals and fostering a society that thrives on inclusivity, sustainability, and continuous learning.

InFo’s target group is comprehensive and diverse, encompassing teachers, educators, individuals with disabilities, migrants, refugees, learners with learning difficulties, and those from vulnerable groups.

What sets InFo apart is its team of educators, each possessing expertise in various subjects, with a specific focus on inclusive education and environmental issues. This expertise is derived from a wealth of experience, including the successful organization of training programs. InFo has a strong track record of collaboration with educational experts, ensuring that specialized sessions are designed to meet the unique needs of the educational community.


InFo’s staff is highly trained to conduct research, design surveys and questionnaires, conduct interviews, write reports, analyze findings as well as implement them into the design and development of training material.

InFo conducts workshops and seminars to enhance the skills of educators. These activities are designed to provide teachers with the latest pedagogical methods, fostering continuous growth in their professional journey.

Through the development of resources for inclusive teaching practices, awareness campaigns, and strategic collaborations, InFo advances inclusivity, working to create an educational environment that embraces and supports diversity.

Methods employed to achieve the intended goals and objectives

  • The organisation coordinates conferences, seminars, and additional events that enhance the knowledge and understanding of its members and the broader academic community.

  • Forging alliances with comparable organisations and nonprofit organisations overseas.

  • Organisation or participation in programmes at the national, European, or other level.

  • Coordinating exhibitions and competitions for students or institutions that are concerned with educational innovation.

We are open to any teacher with open horizons

Teachers interested in collaboration are welcome to contact us.


The primary focus of InFo involves providing comprehensive training to teachers, enabling them to enhance their professional development. Through workshops and seminars, InFo aims to equip educators with the latest knowledge and innovative teaching methods.


InFo is committed to promoting inclusivity within the educational landscape. The organization actively works towards the integration of individuals with disabilities, migrand and refugees backround, learning difficulties, and those from vulnerable groups.


InFo is an advocate for sustainable education and green activities. The organisation works to include environmental awareness into the curriculum, promote eco-friendly practices in educational institutions, and undertake campaigns advocating sustainability.

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