InFo implements various sustainability Workshops in an effort to raise awareness in the community on the significance of living a zero-waste lifestyle. See below for more information on our workshops.

DIY Accessories with Recyclable Materials

Join us for an exciting and eco-friendly workshop where you’ll learn to create unique and stylish accessories using recyclable materials. Discover the joy of upcycling as you transform everyday objects into beautiful wearable art. This hands-on workshop will inspire your creativity, teach you new crafting techniques, and promote sustainable living by repurposing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Workshop Details:
Duration: 2 hours
Target Audience: Teens and adults (13+)

  • What is a zero-waste lifestyle?
  • How can we apply zero-waste practices in our everyday lives?
  • Discussion on the importance of sustainable fashion and reducing waste through upcycling
  • Demonstration of essential techniques such as cutting, folding, gluing, sewing, and embellishing
  • Creation of accessories recyclable materials

Educational Trip to “Green” Facilities

Join us as we explore a variety of locations dedicated to environmental conservation, renewable energy, and waste management. This workshop aims to deepen your understanding of sustainability concepts, inspire environmental stewardship, and promote the adoption of green practices in your daily life.

Workshop Details:
Duration: Half-day
Target Audience: Teens and adults (13+)

  • Discuss the importance of stainable practices and the impact of “green” facilities on the environment
  • Discussion on participants’ existing knowledge of sustainable practices
  • Tour of the plant (the production process and the stages of converting the raw material into pellet)

  • Discussion on the use of biomass as a renewable energy source and specifically the way in which solid biofuels are produced

  • Tour of the plant (the sorting process and the stages that are followed)

  • Discussion on the importance of recycling and waste management (ecological lifestyle and ways to reduce waste generation at home)