InFo implements a variety of equality-related Workshops in the hope of inspiring individuals to actively contribute to enhancing social equality in their local communities. See below for more information on our workshops.

Breaking Barriers: Interactive Explorations for Equality and Inclusion

Join us for an immersive and interactive workshop which you will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the social factors that reinforce inequality and explore practical strategies to promote a more equitable society, through a series of collaborative activities and engaging discussions.

Workshop Details:
Duration: 3 hours
Target Audience: Teens and adults (13+)

  • What is social inequality?
  • Which are the key factors that contribute to social inequality and the challenges associated that come along?
  • Group Discussion to critically examine stereotypes and biases, allowing participants to develop strategies to counteract them.
  • A role-playing activity designed to raise awareness of inequality of opportunity and cultivate empathy for those less fortunate.
  • Reflection on the activity and discussion on the concerns that were addressed during it.
  • Call for action. Motivate participants to come up with tangible actions to reduce social inequality.

Empowering Women: Fostering Employment and Skills Development

Join us for this interactive workshop designed to empower local women to improve their skills and pursue employment opportunities. This workshop focuses on gender equality in the workplace and encourages participants to take charge of their career paths and personal development through a series of discussions and engaging activities.

Workshop Details:
Duration: 4 hours
Target Audience: Teen and adult (13+) women

  • Guided Group Discussion on the gender gaps and challenges in various professional settings. Sharing of experiences and barriers they have faced.

  • Explore strategies for breaking barriers, such as promoting equal opportunity, encouraging work-life balance, and combating gender-based discrimination.

  • Case Studies of women in leadership positions, highlighting how they overcame obstacles and the positive effects this has had on their work environments.

  • Communication skills development. Participants engage in role-playing scenarios and practice effective verbal and nonverbal communication.

  • Problem-solving skills development. Participants are presented with real-world challenges and guided to develop innovative solutions in groups.

  • Digital literacy (optional). Depending on the requirements of the audience, a workshop on computer skills is organised to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge.

  • Suggestions for additional online courses, articles, or publications that will allow participants to continue their skill development after the workshop.