InFo NGO offers Workshops on democracy in an effort to sensitize participants on its principles, challenges and the role they can play in promoting and safeguarding democratic values in their communities.

Democracy in Action

Join us for this interactive workshop to gain a clear understanding of democracy, its principles and values, as well as of the rights and responsibilities you have as a citizen in a democratic country, and thereby become an active citizen who maintains and strengthens the community they live in.

Workshop Details:
Duration: 3 hours
Target Audience: Teens and adults (13+)

  • Theoretical Background (Definition, core principles, evolution of democracy)
  • Types of democracies around the world
  • Interactive discussion and Q&A
  • Group Discussion on civic responsibilities and participation
  • Case Studies: participants are presented with scenarios where individuals exercise their rights responsibly or irresponsibly and then engage in a discussion on the implications.
  • The Town Hall Debate: participants are assigned roles (e.g., community activists, business owners, students, parents) and actively express their opinions on a local issue, practicing freedom of speech, and understanding the dynamics of civil discourse in a democratic society.
  • Reflection Session: participants step out of their roles and share their personal experiences and insights from the activity. Then they discuss in plenary the challenges and benefits of civil discourse and how it relates to democracy.